How to do a standard stock import
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See attached PDF and excel spreadsheet



Once you have completed all fields except for the status column on your spreadsheet, open up Solemate Back Office and go to the ‘On Request’ menu.  The spreadsheet needs to be in Excel 97-2003 format with the .xls extension.

Select the option ‘Standard Stock Import’.

2. This takes you to a window that confirms the columns you need on your spreadsheet for it to work.  Knowing that you have these columns on your prepared spreadsheet, click on the ‘Load Data’ button.

Please note if these columns don’t appear with the same wording as in the above picture the import won’t work.

3. A browser window will open asking you to locate the spreadsheet that you wish to import. Locate the file and select the open button with your mouse.

4. The information from the spreadsheet will load onto the screen.  There will be a space in the ‘Valid Colour’ column if any colour names can’t be located in the database.

You have the opportunity of selecting from an existing colour by clicking in that empty field and choosing the desired colour.

If it doesn’t appear in this list of colours, you will need to exit and add the colour in separately.

6. Once all fields are filled, select the OK button and the following message will appear on the screen confirming all details are valid. Once you click the OK button in this message it will import the details and revert to the screen you saw in step 2.


Once this has been completed the status column in the spreadsheet will be updated to note that this spreadsheet has already been imported. This means you won’t be able to import the same spreadsheet more than once.


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