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Entering a Raw Material
Posted by Craig Cookesley on 24 August 2018 12:09 PM

Go to

File Maintenance Menu > Production Menu > Raw Material Details

1. Select Raw Material Type (types of Raw Materials will be set up by Solemate on installation) and press OK

2.  Enter a 12 digit unique code and press TAB

3.  Enter a description, UOM, Unit Desc, Notes and a cost using TAB to go between the fields

4.  Click Next

5. Enter the colour code and press arrow down for a new line 

6. TAB to size grid and enter the sizes of the raw material

7. Press OK to Save

8. You will be prompted to 'Enter Usage by Size for this Raw material?'

9. If No then the Raw Material will be saved and you will be able to enter the next one.

10. If Yes you will be able to enter a usgae per size for the raw material.

11 Press OK to save.

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