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Issue Cutting Sheet
Posted by Craig Cookesley on 10 September 2018 12:53 PM

2. Issue Cutting Sheet

File Maintenance Menu > Stock > Production Menu > Issue Cut Sheet

  • Enter the supplier whom the Cut Sheet is for

1. Select NEW CUTSHEET button, if three are existing Cut Sheets for this supplier.
2. The Cutting Sheet Entry screen will be displayed
3. A Cutting Sheet Number will be automatically generated
4. The date will default to today’s date.
5. Enter a cutting Sheet reference.
6. Enter the delivery dates and any special instructions.
7. Select OK when complete
8. Select the style to be cut and press OK
9. The Cut Sheet Style Entry screen is displayed, enter the quantities to be ordered
10. If more than one style, select NEXT STYLE
11. When all the styles to be Cut have been completed then select COMPLETE.
12. The Cut Sheet will now be displayed on the screen

13. You can view the raw materials needed to produce these items by pressing the Raw material Button

14. Issue the Skins by press the Issue Skin Button (they will appear on the cutting Sheet)

15. To make changes select CANCEL, this will allow you to go back 
16. The print Cut Sheet box will be ticked as default if you don’t want to print this untick the box by placing the mouse over the box and left click.
17. If this is correct select OK,
18. You will then be returned to the start ready for another Cut Sheet.

  • To delete an existing Cut Sheet
    1. Enter the supplier whom the order relates to.
    2. The existing orders will be displayed.
    3. Place the mouse over the order to be deleted and left click
    4. Select DELETE ORDER button to remove from the system
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