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1. TO START. PRESS ORANGE BUTTON (PW) TO TURN ON. This is located in the lower-left corner of the keypad.

2. Before starting a new stocktake make sure that the old data is cleared. TO CLEAR DATA • Press F1 to take you to the menu. • Press 5 to delete file (The scanner will ask if you want to delete the data file) • Press F1 for YES. The scanner will emit a long beep • If NO –Press ENT. No noise and returned to scan mode.

3. TO SCAN • Turn the power on • Press 1 ( single stock stocktake ) • Press either button on the side or M1 OR M2 BUTTON to emit red laser light and aim at the required barcode. • When successfully read a green light on top of the unit will briefly flash and a short beep will be emitted. • Keep the terminal a distance from the target barcode so that the barcode comes within 90% of the laser scanning range. 

4. OR TO MANUALLY ENTER QUANTITIES. This scanner has been programmed to allow the user to enter a number of units with the same barcode, instead of scanning them all individually. • Press F1 RETURN TO MAIN MENU • Select 2 (multi-store stocktake) • Scan the barcode • Key in the quantity and press ENT • (The current quantity will be displayed) • If you have entered the wrong value simply press the C key (clear) and then enter the correct value. Checking battery Voltage1. Press the ENT key while holding down the SF key When the rechargeable batteries reach a low level a message to recharge will automatically appear. HOW TO ENTER DATA INTO COMPUTER WHEN STOCKTAKE COMPLETED. BACKOFFICE PROGRAM 1. Make sure cable is attached via connection to the computer box 2. Open SoleMate Backoffice Program, and select Download stocktake entry 3. Select the location and press ok 4. Select download

5. Select SYMBOL A message “Ok to delete previous download file “will be displayed – always select YES The standard defaults are for the TSR-TU3A BOX.  COM 1  NONE  19200  8  1 And NO TICKS A receive waiting message will be displayed.

6. Now go to the scanner and Select 4 (send file to pc) A red line will show across the stocktake download program, indicating that the data is being transferred. Barcodes and a quantity will display on the screen

7. Select the OK tick button. The system will now compare the barcodes downloaded by the scanner with those on file. Invalid barcodes (not recognized by the system) will be printed out on the receipt printer at point of sale.

8. A message “stocktake audit updated will appear and all valid barcodes are sent to stocktake audit report.

9. You can download as many times as you need to update stocktake audit.

10. After sending data to pc , always delete the scanner Press F1 to return to the menu delete press 5. You are now ready to freeze and update the stocktake. Appendix Menu 1 Single store stocktake- use this function to stocktake 2 Multi store stocktake – allows the user to enter a quantity rather than scanning the same item many times. 3 View Stocktake – this will show the last item ( and quantity) scanned so you know what you are up to 4 Send to pc – send file from scanner to pc 5 Delete file – delete file before stocktaking / after downloading Press F1 to return to MENU.

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