Westpac Assembly EFTPOS installation
Posted by Craig Cookesley, Last modified by Craig Cookesley on 01 October 2020 03:30 PM

latest version of Westpac.exe is inĀ \\shoes\g\Solemate-newversion\ho\Westpac

ensure Client is running POS version 4.4.8 or later

Copy Westpac.exe and ASEMSettings.ini to clients solemate directory

create a new directory //solemate/Westpac

this is where ASMSESSION.INI file lives

Open POS and go to Control Panel

turn on Intergrated EFTPOS and turn on Westpac EFT

To Test go to Store History and hit Westpac button

Westpac.exe will load when POS is first loaded

it will run in memory at all times and will only need to be re-paired if the computer is rebooted

also download the

then follow instructions on how to register spi class under windows

 Solemate Pairing_Un-pairing Guide_April 2019.pptx.pdf (941.22 KB)
 Solemate Presto Smart Support Triage.pdf (292.16 KB)
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