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Posted by Tim Solemate on 04 March 2020 12:58 PM

All details must be in CAPITALS

These functions should only be used if you are running customer accounts.

The Customer Details function allows the user to create customer details and store other relevant information associated with this customer.

To access this function
1. Select File Maintenance Menu
2. Highlight Customer on sub-menu and left-click on customer details.

To add a new Customer
1. Select new and enter a five-digit customer code
(Usually an abbreviation of customer name or numerical value)
2. Fill in the required fields
3. When complete select O.K.
You can also add
 Multiple Delivery Addresses
 Notes
And Finance Information

To delete or change customer details
1. Select the customer whom the changes are needed.
2. Make the changes required ( code cannot be changed) or select delete
3. Select OK when complete.

Customer Groups
This function allows the user to classify their customers into groups.
(This is only relevant when you are using the SoleMate Wholesale Software)
If you have retail customer accounts
 Select this function
 Right click and select insert
 Enter 001 in group code and RETAIL in the name field.
 Select O.K to finish

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