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Stock Receipts Entry
Posted by Tim Solemate on 26 October 2020 09:40 AM

Stock Receipts Entry
When new stock is received it needs to be receipted into the system to reflect accurate figures
If there are new styles, they need to be created in stock details before being receipted.
To receipt stock
1. Select Daily Activities Menu from top taskbar (left click)
2. Highlight Stock Receipts Entry and left click.
3. Select the supplier to whom this stock relates, by highlighting and left click
4. (If this is a new supplier, it must be created in supplier details first through file maintenance menu)
5. The supplier will be displayed at the top of the screen.
6. The receipt date will default to today’s date; place the mouse over the date to change.
7. Location will default to the warehouse.
8. Enter a reference number, if required and select OK.
9. Select the style to be entered, highlight and press OK.
10. The style matrix is displayed; enter the quantities received using the tab button to move.
11. If you make a mistake use CLEAR GRID button to remove all quantities entered.
12. If there is more than one style to be receipted select Next Style button.
13. Select the next style to be receipted and press OK. Enter the relevant quantities.
14. When all stock has been entered then select COMPLETE.
15. The Stock Receipts Confirmation will be displayed showing all the stock receipted
16. To make changes select or add more select CANCEL.
17. If this is correct select OK

Transfer Stock to stores now?

After the stock receipt is complete the system will ask if the stock is to be transferred from the warehouse location to other stores.
If No
1. You are returned to stock receipt entry for another stock receipt
2. The stock will be allocated to Warehouse stock on hand
3. The barcodes are sent to the Warehouse barcode batch to be printed.
(This can be found on the On Request Activity Menu)

If Yes
1. The stock transfer matrix is displayed for the first style / colour receipted.
2. All the stores locations are displayed
3. Enter the quantities against the location to be transferred to
4. To view current stock on hand at locations select STOCK ON HAND button.
5. This will help in deciding what locations need what stock.
6. If there are more than one style select NEXT STYLE button
7. This will scroll through every style and colour on the stock receipt.
8. When complete select UPDATE button, this will update the stores stock on hand figures with the stock that has been transferred.

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