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Stock Adjustment Entry
Posted by Tim Solemate on 26 October 2020 09:43 AM

Stock Adjustment Entry
This function allows the user to make adjustments to stock on hand figures.
This is fully audited as the system will ask for a reason and the name of the person making the changes.
To access this function
1. Select Daily Activities Menu from top taskbar (left click)
2. Highlight Stock Adjustment Entry and left click.
To adjust stock
1. Type in the style to be adjusted.
2. Select the reason for adjustment and enter your name
3. You are now taken to the stock transfer matrix.
4. The warehouse location is highlighted in red at top of the matrix
5. Select STOCK ON HAND to view units at other locations
6. Use the arrow and TAB buttons to navigate the grid.
7. If more than one style select NEXT STYLE COLOUR
8. This will scroll through every colour for the style selected.
9. When complete select UPDATE. This will allocate the units to the selected locations.
To enter or change reasons for adjustments
1. Select File Maintenance Menu from top taskbar and left click.
2. Select Stock and highlight adjustment reasons and left click.
3. Right click on reasons and select insert
4. Insert a code (next consecutive number) and the reason and ok.
5. This will now appear on the reasons for stocktake adjustment

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