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Supplier Returns
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Supplier Returns

The process can be broken down into three stages.

1. The user at point of sale completes an interstore transfer to faulty stock for the stock being returned. The shoes are sent with the printout to back office.

2. The interstore transfers are received in back office via the 'On Request>Receive Interstore Transfer' function.

a)      Enter the transfer number and the stock attached to the transfer appears.

b)      Check this is what was physically received and click on okay. The stock has then been received into the faulty stock location.

3. Use the supplier returns function found under the Daily Activities menu;

a)      Look up the supplier name and click okay when found;

b)       Change the location to 'FS' in the next window and click okay (This is to ensure the stock will be returned from the Faulty Stock location that it was received into in step 2);

c)      Enter the first style being returned and click okay;

d)      Using the grid, enter the quantities being returned against the respective colours and sizes;

e)       If there are additional styles to enter click on the 'next style' button at the bottom of the window and repeat the previous step;

f)      If there are no more styles to return, click on the 'complete' button in the bottom right corner of the window;

g)      This takes you to a confirmation window where you can confirm that the details on the screen match what you are returning;

h)        If you need to go back and change any details, use the 'cancel' button; and

i)        If you want to complete the return, hit the 'okay' button.

**** Don't tick Faulty Goods box when doing supplier returns in Retail

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