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POS Issuing & Payment by Gift Voucher
Posted by Megan Solemate, Last modified by Tim Solemate on 06 July 2016 12:04 PM

Issuing Gift Vouchers.

Gift Vouchers are a popular present and as the recipient can choose their own gift, Gift Vouchers may reduce the number of goods being returned.

1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Select issue a Gift Voucher.

3. SoleMate automatically issues the next Gift Voucher number.
4. Enter the details of the recipient of the voucher and the Gift Voucher value.

(If this customer is already in the customer database then search for there details by using CLUB SEARCH and bring them up instead of re entering)
5. Press OK to continue and enter the amount tendered and method of payment.
6. Press the tick to process the Sale or X to make further changes

Payment by Gift Voucher

1. When the customer is paying by Gift Voucher, there is no need to enter a tendered amount as SoleMate shows you the value of the Gift Voucher
2. Once the product has been scanned, press enter and select the payment method as Gift Voucher.
3. Enter the Gift Voucher number and press FIND to validate it.
4. You are shown the details of the customer holding the Gift Voucher and its value. SoleMate then calculates the value of the sale and how much the customer has left remaining on their Gift Voucher.
5. If there is change left from the Gift Voucher, SoleMate needs to know if the change is to be given as a Credit Note or cash. If the sale is ready to be processed, press √ and either select Credit Note or a Cash Refund.
6. Press the tick to process the Sale or X to process.
7. You are taken back to the as Staff code ready for the next transaction.

Old Gift Vouchers (i.e. not from the SoleMate system)

1. If this gift voucher is from your previous software or manual system, instead of selecting FIND select OLD
2. Enter the Voucher number /Name of the customer / and the amount and press OK.

Payment by Account.
1. Scan the items to be sold or enter their details as for a cash Sale.
2. If the customer pays on account, enter the amount tendered as the amount due, because when using an account for payment, the customer does not receive change
3. After entering the amount tendered, select Customer Account as the payment option.
4. Enter the customer surname details in the search box
5. A list of customers with the surname is displayed
6. Using the mouse highlight the desired customer and double left click.
7. Select the tick to process or X to go back.

N.B Customer Account purchase details cannot be accessed at store level. This is a BackOffice function. Only head office can retrieve these details.