Knowledgebase: Point of Sale
Suspending or Cancelling a Sale
Posted by Megan Solemate, Last modified by Tim Solemate on 04 October 2019 11:10 AM

The details of a sale can be suspended or canceled at any time during the process of entering the sale. This may occur when the customer suddenly decides to try on another item of clothing. This means that you can process another sale and then return to the first sale to complete that transaction.

The procedure is as follows:
1. Type your Staff code and press ENTER. This takes you to the Sales Screen.
2. Continue as you would for any other sale.
3. TO SUSPEND A SALE – at any time during the process, press ESC (escape) or the back button and you will be prompted to either:

To Cancel a Sale – press X and ENTER.
The sale is canceled and all details that have been entered are lost.
You are taken back to the staff code.
TO Suspend a Sale – press √ , and ENTER.
You are taken back to the staff code.

• Next time the staff member who suspended the sale returns to the sales entry screen, they will be presented with a list of Suspended Sales.
• Use the mouse to select a suspended sale and double left click to continue entering the details of the sale.
• If the staff member wants a new sale and wants to keep this sale suspended then select the ! (Exclamation mark).