Knowledgebase: Point of Sale
Giving a Refund
Posted by Megan Solemate, Last modified by Tim Solemate on 04 October 2019 11:06 AM

When a customer wants to return a product that they have purchased for a refund. This procedure is virtually the reversal of a sale.

1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Select Returns to give a Refund.

3. Scan the barcode of the product, or press to search for the item and choose the product code from the list
4. If the refund is for only this one item, press ENTER again, otherwise scan or key in the next product to be returned then press ENTER.
5. If you need to change the price, double click the line item and bring up the discount button.
6. Select the method of refund –cash, credit card, issue a credit note or EFTPOS.
7. This takes you back to the Staff code ready for the next transaction.

Issuing a credit note for a returned item

One method of giving a Refund is to issue a credit note. This is done as follows:
1. After scanning/keying in the returned items then select Credit Note.

2. SoleMate automatically issues the next Credit Note number.
3. Complete all the customer’s details, using the TAB button to move between fields.
(If this customer is already in the customer database then search for there details by using CLUB SEARCH and bring them up instead of re-entering)
4. When finished press OK and a Credit Note will be printed.