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Receiving and Transferring Stock
Posted by Megan Solemate, Last modified by Tim Solemate on 04 October 2019 10:05 AM

SoleMate allows each store to receive stock from another location or send stock to another location.

Receiving Stock

When Receiving Stock from another store, details need to be entered into SoleMate so that stock levels can be updated. The procedure is as follows:

1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Select Receive Stock.

3. Enter the Transfer Number, which will be found on the Transfer Docket that is attached to the item. Press ENTER.
4. Scan the barcode of the item’s that have been received,
5. Press ENTER.
6. Press the TICK to commit that item to stock or X to make changes and ENTER.

Sending Stock

This module is used to Transfer Stock to another store.

1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Select Send Stock.

3. Select one of the displayed reasons for Stock Transfers
Either Interstore transfer or faulty stock
4. Highlight the option required.

Interstore Transfer
The list of stores are shown on the screen
Select the store or location to which you are transferring the Stock and press ENTER or left click with the mouse.

Faulty Goods

5. Scan the barcode of the item to be sent, or press F7 to select the item from the list and left-click with the mouse twice.
6. If you need to delete an item to be transferred, place the mouse over the item and right-click with your mouse and select delete. Then rescan the barcode or press F7 to select from the list.
7. Press TICK to Send the Stock, or X to make further changes and ENTER.