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Performing stocktakes at point of sale
Posted by Megan Solemate, Last modified by Tim Solemate on 21 January 2019 04:03 PM

Stocktakes should be done on a regular basis to make sure all the stock on hand is correct.
You can stocktake either the entire store or selected departments/makers.

The stock can either be scanned by a portable scanner or by a pos scanner directly attached to the pc.

Direct Scanner
1. Select Stocktake Entry from the main menu and begin scanning the items.

Portable Scanner
1. Scan the stock using the portable scanner and when you have finished and are ready to download the scanner.
2. Make sure cable is attached via connection to the computer box
3. Open SoleMate Point of Sale Program, enter Staff code and select stocktake entry.
4. Select Download scanner box & then symbol download
5. A message “ Ok to delete previous download file “will be displayed –select YES
The standard defaults are for the TSR-TU3A BOX.COM 1/NONE/19200/8/1NO TICKS
6. A receive waiting message will be displayed.
7. Select send to pc on scanner menu. A red line will show across the stocktake download program, indicating that the data is being transferred.

Direct and Portable Scanner.

1. When all the barcodes have been scanned, they will be displayed on the screen and a unit total will show. Take a note of this total.
2. Select the tick button. The system will now compare the barcodes downloaded by the scanner with those on file.
3. Invalid barcode (s) (i.e. barcodes not recognized by the system) will be printed out on the receipt printer at point of sale.
4. If you have any invalids, find the stock item to which it relates by looking on the invalid report for the item scanned before and after. Find out why they are invalid and using stock adjustment entry, in the BackOffice system enter these invalids.
5. Select the forward button
6. A message “OK TO PROCESS “select the tick for completion of stocktake data entry.
7. To check stocktake quantities processed look at the store history

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