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The customer database keeps track of your individual customer’s details and records their purchases. This information is essential for efficient business management. It allows you to know who is buying what and also let your reward your most loyal customers.

Capturing sales information by the customer at the time of sale
1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Scan items as per normal. sale
3. Select button at the end of the page
4. Either add to an existing record or create a new one. Press Ok
5. The customer's name will be displayed at the end of the payment screen.
6. Process payment as per normal.

Accessing Customer Database at other times:
1. Enter your Staff code and press ENTER.
2. Select the Customer club.

Press Ok to return to the Main Menu
Existing Customer.
Type the first few letters of the Customer’s Surname at the Client prompt and press SEARCH to bring up their details
To Add Details of a New Customer.
Press NEW, and then enter their details using the TAB to move through the fields.
To Add a Note.
Bring up their details and select NOTES
To View a Customer’s Purchasing History.
Find their record as above, and then press history you can then view their Purchasing History.
NB.ALL FIELDS (except the care of and email, must be filled in)
To access care of button click on the field.

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