Daily Sales Journal
Posted by Tim Solemate on 05 July 2016 02:55 PM

Select the required day and the location. The report will be displayed on the screen 

The Daily Sales Journal shows you all the transactions for a particular day.
This includes what has been sold, in style, colour and size etc, returns, new lay-bys, credit notes exchanges, petty cash and account payments 
The headings for this report are
• Style
• Description
• Maker
• Season
• Colour
• Size
• Qty ( Quantity )
• GP %-( Gross profit expressed as an %)
• $ - (Sales amount.)
• Gross (Gross profit )
• Time
The staff member is also shown as well as the form of payment.
These headings are totalled Quantity /GP %/ $ / Gross Sales and and average sale figure is produced.
The last page of the Daily Sales Journal will show
• Nett Sales Plus G.S.T = Gross Sales.

Also it will balance the transactions with system totals and show the cash up figures at end of the day. Any till variance will be shown.

If an asterisk (*) appears next to an item, this means that the item has been sold below it original retail value. I.e. Discounted.

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