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In Transit Report
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In Transit Report

The in –transit report will show transfers that have been sent, (either from head office or a store location), but has not been received. A transfer will decrease the sending locations stock on hand, sending the stock to the “in-transit” location until it has been received.
This report details any stock item that is currently being held in the “in-transit” location.
This report should be cleared before stocktaking. 
This report is date driven so any item in transit at a particular time will still show (even if cleared) if that date is selected.
To run this report 
1. Select a transfer period.( Use today’s date as default)
2. This will show all styles currently in transit across all locations. 
(The report also has a filter that allows the user to look for a single style).
The information on this report is
• Transfer number
• FROM location and TO location
• Date
• Docket Number ( Point Of Sale reference number )
• Style /Style Description / Colour / Size

To Clear this Report
1. Use the RECEIVE STORE TRANSFER (On Request Menu) to receive items into the correct location.
2. Run the BALANCE IN TRANSIT (System Maintenance Menu) to remove items that have been received from this report.

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